Affordable Housing

Project Description

A multi-family affordable housing development project in Snoqualmie is underway by developer Panorama Apartments LLC, a subsidiary of DevCo, which is an established developer of affordable housing in King County and has completed more than 20 projects across Washington State.

The apartments will be rented at below market rates, but are not subsidized housing. Renters would go through a regular leasing application process with the developer. For information about applying, please contact DevCo at 425-453-9551.


The apartments will be built on parcel S20, which is located north of the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and adjacent to the Eagle Point neighborhood. It is accessed via Frontier Ave SE off of SE Jacobia Street. There will be a secondary emergency-access  road provided through the hospital grounds.

As part of the conditions of the Snoqualmie Ridge II Mixed Use Final Plan, parcel S20 on Snoqualmie Ridge has been designated for multifamily housing since 2004 and was designated specifically for affordable housing in 2009. The proposed apartments would fulfill all remaining affordable housing requirements for Snoqualmie Ridge II.

Project Timeline

September 2018: Tree removal
October 2018  through early 2019: Grading and utilities installation
2019: Construction; specific timeline is to be determined.

Construction traffic through the Eagle Point neighborhood will be minimized due to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital allowing trucks to use is access road. 

Development Description

  1. Ten two- to four-story "carriage houses" adjusted to the parcel slope; smaller carriage houses will be adjacent to Eagle Point to blend with single-family homes
  2. 191 multi-family apartment homes
  3. 316 parking spaces: 295 open and 21 garage
  4. Leasing office
  5. Indoor recreation center
  6. Outdoor recreation space
  7. Architecture consistent with Snoqualmie Ridge design standards
  8. Landscaping consistent with Snoqualmie Ridge design standards

Benefits to the Community

  • Affordable housing will ensure that Snoqualmie is accessible for families and individuals earning lower than median incomes. 
  • It will allow those employed in Snoqualmie to live in Snoqualmie, reducing their commute time and fuel expense, and encouraging them to be part of the community. 
  • Local employers will be better positioned to retain their employees, which supports their business plans and goals.

Rental Information

The City does not own the development and will not be the leasing agent. However, we will be happy to add interested individuals to a list we will share with the developer's leasing agent. To be added to the list, please email